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Our Slogan is

"Don't wait for your body to give you remainders..
Get Health checkups done periodically."

PMK Hi tech diagnostic center, pioneer in preventive health checkup was incepted in the year 2010 with a concept of prevention from diseases early detection. To make preventive healthcare available across larger spectrum of the working population ,We provide customized preventive healthcare checkups for corporate as well.The idea was to inculcate the habit of prevention among people and make a paradigm shift of their conventional mind-set from curative to preventive healthcare.

Genetically indians are more prone towards heart diseases and diabetes. Every month we have some or the other festival to celebrate which is accompanied by unhealthy and calorie loaded food. fast track life also incorporated unhealthy fast food habits. Moreover the busy schedule leaves you with no time to exercise and after a tiring day you prefer to take rest immediately after dinner. all these factors like unhealthy diet,tobacco usage and physical inactivity leads to"Lifestyle diseases" like diabetes,heart diseases and cancer.