9 Simple Tips to Reduce Claustrophobia During MRI Scan

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Claustrophobia During MRI Scan

Have you ever got stuck in an elevator or a bathroom or a relatively compact place or even in a crowded environment? And then you suddenly feel nervous and sweaty, or your heartbeat increases and you feel dizzy? Then there are chances that you might be claustrophobic. Claustrophobia is a type of anxiety disorder that arises due to fear of enclosed places. In such cases, it becomes very difficult for the patients to fight claustrophobia fear in MRI scans. However, nowadays, the MRI machines are not so cramped and with the right assistance, these anxiety attacks can easily be overcome.

Here are 9 simple tips to reduce Claustrophobia during an MRI test:

  1. Educate Yourself

When a patient is aware of the symptoms of claustrophobia, it becomes a smoother process for our staff to educate them about the MRI machine. There are three different types of MRI machines:

  • Extremity MRI: Unlike any other traditional MRI machine which are in large tube-shaped devices, this MRI machine uses only a small scanner that is designed to diagnose hands, legs, arms and feet to check fractures, bone infections, stress injuries or nerve-related injuries.

  • Open MRI: This MRI machine is open on both sides or says, it has wider openings.

  • 3 Tesla MRI: These are closed MRI machines used to examine the brain and circulatory system in the heart. However, it can reduce half the test time than a usual one.

  1. Watch A Movie

If you request 3T MRI machines to lessen the scanning time, it is equipped with star imaging that can help claustrophobic patients to watch their favorite movie while they are inside the tunnel. You should not be surprised if it creates an illusion of space and light. This has helped many patients divert their attention from their present environment. 

  1. Listen to Music

MRI machines can often make noise that may cause you more fear. But in order to distract yourself and block those noises, you may ask for earplugs to listen to some good music until the MRI scan is done.

  1. Talk To An MRI Technician

An MRI Technician is the right person to talk to you before you get started with your scanning procedure. Understanding how the MRI will be carried and what is the process done will help you, even more, better to understand why and how is your treatment procedure being done. Your trust in the MRI technician makes the handling even easier.

  1. Count On

Reducing MRI Claustrophobia is really important for those patients so they can undergo an easy cure. To keep your mind and body calm, you may start counting monotonously. Count slowly so the time passes quicker than it may seem longer.

  1. Change the MRI Position

We try to provide the best calming techniques to our patients before beginning their medical process. For claustrophobic patients to reduce their MRI fear, positioning their feet first can help reduce their anxiety level to an extent. You can always consult your doctor for the same.

  1. Focus on Your Breathe

While you focus on your breath, it helps your mind calm down to a state of meditation and also relaxes your body posture. Continue meditating for a period of time while your MRI scanning is done.

  1. Find Your Happy Place

Cover your face with a towel or simply keep your eyes closed and think about the best memories you’ve had. You are always in control of your mind. Thinking about a good memory effectively distracts your mind from the claustrophobic fear in MRI.

  1. Bring in Your Human Support

The best relaxation is when you have your most trusted person, your dear ones around you while you are undergoing the treatment. Having them along your side can make a big difference when you see them stand by your side. We shall not only provide you with the latest medical advancements but also the best human care you need.

At PMK Scans, our expert MRI technicians will guide you with the process of treatment at every stage and provide you with full knowledge. We are always ready to provide our patients with the best possible medical as well as motivational care to tackle their claustrophobic fear in MRI. Do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with our staff. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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