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MRI scanner

MRI Scan- Important Things to Know

With all technological advances and inventions diagnosis of many diseases has become quite easy. MRI is one such technology that is widely used as an investigation measure in various anomalies.

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Blood Test at Home

Our Scan Centre offers reliable and affordable blood collection services at home in Hosur, which is exclusively for senior citizens. The blood samples for several

heatth checkup

Health Checkup

The health check or a complete check-up includes multiple examinations to know the general state of health of a patient. It further makes it possible

Online Blood Test

Online Blood Test

Online blood tests are very significant because the blood reports help the physicians and hospitals for right diagnosis with the state-of-the-art technology diagnostics lab to

Top 5 Diagnostic Centres in Hosur

Top 5 Diagnostic Centres in Hosur

Given the proximity to India’s IT capital Bengaluru, Hosur has witnessed tremendous economic growth with medical infrastructure. You can now find reliable diagnostic centres in

Best CT Scan Centre in Hosur

Best CT Scan Centre in Hosur

CT Scan Centre The CT scan or diagnostic centers play a major role in providing health test packages like conducting the scanning procedures, blood tests,