Blood Test at Home

Our Scan Centre offers reliable and affordable blood collection services at home in Hosur, which is exclusively for senior citizens. The blood samples for several medical tests will be collected by our certified laboratory technicians for all variants of medical purposes.

The collected blood samples have a thorough evaluation by our certified lab technicians and the reports will be delivered by the scheduled delivery time at your door-step. The blood test at home is more convenient for the elderly and also the price is much affordable.

You can schedule an appointment with our lab technicians to collect the blood sample. If you are a senior citizen, you can fix an appointment at their convenient time, as per your requirement for the blood test at home. We follow the standard procedure that is followed by the regular medical laboratories in terms of following the accurate medical procedures to conduct the medical tests and confidentiality of the reports.

We strongly believe that most of the medical procedure starts with a blood test and when it is properly conducted the medical test itself is considered as half-cure. An appropriate evaluation will be a path for a better and suitable treatment approach.

Importance of blood test at home 

We are specialized in providing the blood test at home

Collecting samples for general check-up

It is necessary for a general blood test along with the other general medical tests. Blood tests at home are very mandatory because you can have a thorough check on diabetes if any or evaluate the functionality of any vital organ.  

Regular blood test

Many seniors who suffer from several diseases require frequent blood tests. We avail in providing blood tests at home services by collecting the samples. It will reduce their need to visit the medical lab often, and it is also more convenient for the aged.

Reduction of immune patients

Some of the senior patients who have undergone treatment for indicative ailments such as the (first stages of cancer), transplants and major operations can also avail the blood test at home. 

Patients prone to viral infections

The senior patients who are prone to viral infections get the blood test at home. They can provide their samples for tests at home and get it evaluated as the test reports will be delivered at their comfort zone in a prompt time.

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Benefits for blood test for home

Easy accessibility

The samples will be collected at a scheduled time, as we provide service on all days of the week. Blood tests at home for medical tests are affordable and accessible.

Broad range of health tests

The home-based blood test by collecting samples from the senior patients for almost all types of medical tests including diabetes check-up, hyper-tension and other medical requirements serves a wide range of health tests here.


We charge blood tests at home for a reasonable price compared to the regular medical laboratories, and also evaluate your reports with the well qualified lab technicians, such as the NABL certified laboratories.


We respect and maintain the confidentiality of every patient and at any cost we will not reveal the same to any of the unauthorized personnel as all our blood tests at home are based on utmost trust factor.

Key services  

  • We usually send a medically equipped lab assistant to attend to you at your comfort zone, preferably the home to collect the blood samples. 
  • We observe high standards of practice with excellence and innovation and also take privilege to extend this convenience to our clients. 
  • Our Trained technicians will arrive at the doorstep of the patient according to their convenient time to collect samples. 
  • We have a wide network of lab technicians who follow the standard protocols which are well-designed for an easy call facility for the patients to ensure they get the best of services from us. 
  • We will send our lab tech person to do the blood test at your home equipped by our team of expertise to handle the disability patients, aged patients etc. which would reduce your work saving your precious time. 

We will be happy to serve you when you need our assistance. So, you can contact us for the best assured service in a cost-effective manner.