Covid Vaccines

covid vaccines

Covid Vaccines recognize the targeted virus by boosting our immune system to create and multiply the antibodies to fight off the disease. Thereby, the body gets ready to fight the virus preventing illness after vaccination.

Doses for Covid Vaccines

If the vaccine requires two doses, it is very important to get the second dose because certain Covid -19 vaccines require two doses.

For vaccines that require two doses, the first dose stimulates the production of antibodies to boost the immune system where the second dose ensures the immune system to fight off the virus by developing a memory response if it encounters it again.

WHO has strongly recommended that a vaccine from the same manufacturer should be used for both doses because different Covid 19 vaccines are being developed and produced by different manufacturers across the globe.

Safety of Covid Vaccines

Unlike other vaccines, Covid -19 vaccines have a multi-stage testing process which is rigorous besides the large clinical trials that involve thousands of people. To identify the safety concerns, these trials are specifically designed. 

What to expect during the Covid vaccination?

It is better to consult a medical professional to make sure when to receive the vaccine. Also, a health worker administers the vaccine, where you will be asked to wait for 15–30 minutes after receiving it before leaving the vaccination site. This is done to observe individuals for any unexpected reactions after vaccination.

Like any other vaccine, Covid -19 vaccines can cause mild-to-moderate symptoms, that include a low-grade fever, mild headache, redness or pain at the injection site which will go away on their own within a day or two.

covid vaccines

Types of Covid Vaccines

There are different types of vaccines depending on the content and the development method for Covid -19 which are safely recognized to eliminate the Covid -19 virus.

•Inactivated vaccines kill infectious agents which do not cause disease but allows your body to recognize and fight the exposure to infectious agents where the body does not develop the disease.

•Live attenuated vaccines contain weakened viruses which induces an immune response without causing the disease.

•Protein-based vaccines have protein fragments to mimic the structure of certain parts of the Covid -19 virus by inducing an immune response against Covid -19 safely.

•m-RNA and DNA vaccines use genetically-engineered RNA and DNA fragments with a state-of-the-art approach to produce proteins which further induces a safe immune response.

•Viral vector vaccines transmit the RNA fragments using the non-pathogenic viruses which belong to the Covid -19 virus to induce an immune response safely.

Benefits of Getting a Covid -19 Vaccine

  • The Covid Vaccines are safe and effective as they can keep you from getting the virus and spreading it further to cause Covid -19.
  • The Covid Vaccines keep you away from getting seriously ill even if you get affected with Covid -19. 
  • The upcoming delta variant is prone to cause more infections and also spreads faster than the earlier forms of the Covid-19 virus. So, if you get a Covid vaccine it can have a control over severe complications or previous strains.
  • After you are fully vaccinated for Covid -19, you can resume the normal activities that you were doing before the pandemic.
  • It also boosts protection in people who have recovered from Covid -19 which can prevent hospitalization and death.

Who shouldn’t get a Covid Vaccine?

In order to avoid the possibility of adverse effects of Covid – 19, you should not receive a Covid vaccine when you have any health issues. If you have severe allergies which has led to severe complications due to the Covid -19 vaccine then you are not prone to be vaccinated. Also, if you have any symptoms of Covid – 19 you can skip vaccination until you get completely recovered from the virus.